Church History

Westphalia United Church has grown spiritually and materially under the leadership of each of its nine past and present pastors. We ae pleased that each past pastor established their priorities and goals to make our church the beautiful and historical edifice that exits today.

In 1967, congregations from the “Jackson-St. Luke Charge” merged under the name of “Jackson-St. Luke Methodist Church.” After the merger, it was decided that worship services would be held at St. Luke Methodist Church while preparations were being made to erect a new church to be built on Westphalia Road. The history of the Jackson and St Luke Methodist churches can be traced back to 1893.

After many preparations and negotiations under the pastoral leadership of Rev. John H. Coursey, the “Ground Breaking” for the new church was accomplished on February 4, 1968. The Pastor and congregation agreed to select a name for the new church, Westphalia United Methodist Church.

The first service for Westphalia United Methodist Church was held on September 22, 1968. Worship services continued at the Westphalia Road location for 42 years. During those years, various pastorate leadership and members helped to form the foundation of Westphalia United Methodist Church in the community as it continued to evolve.

The church mortgage was burnt on September 23, 1983. After the Mortgage Burning, Rev Brown-Oliver immediately started the expansion fund which took place of the Debt Retirement Fund.
Another “Ground Breaking” for a new church took place on April 20, 2008, under the pastorate leadership Rev. Dr. Timothy West. On August 15, 2010, while the new church was being built, Westphalia moved into a temporary location at Arrowhead Elementary School for 22 months. During that time, Westphalia was blessed to become a mid-sized church with the increase of its membership to approximately 500 members and continues to grow.

On May 6, 2012, Westphalia held its Consecration Service after completing Phase I of its 600- seat sanctuary, 250-seat Fellowship Hall, and meeting spaces. Soon Phase II will be completed with additional spaces. The Lord continues to bless Westphalia United Methodist Church as it walks in its vision and mission.

Throughout the tenure and accomplishments of our pastors, all received and benefited from the constant and consistent leadership and dedication of Associate Minister, John B. Pinkney.

In noting the historical accomplishments through the leadership of our pastors, let us not forget that their achievements made it possible for each of us to give ourselves fully to the worship of God and permitted them to serve God with dedication.

We further acknowledge that the progression from the merger to where we are today can be attributed to the vision of our pastor and effectiveness of our ministries.

How we got here – Pastor who served

  • Rev. John H. Coursey (D) - September 1968 – June 1969
  • Rev. Rudolph Flood (D) - June 1969 – June 1971
  • Rev. Samuel Stillwell - July 1971 – May 1972
  • Rev. Harold Watson (D) - June 1972 – May 1976
  • Rev. Dr. Roland J.R. Timity - June 1976 – June 1983
  • Rev. Mary Brown-Oliver (D) - July 1983 – June 1988
  • Rev. Dr. Walter E. Middlebrooks - July 1988 – June 1995
  • Rev. Paula Payne - July 1995 – June 1998
  • Rev. Dr. Timothy West - July 1998 – Present

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