Adult Sunday School

Help members understand God’s word by exploring the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Key scriptures are discussed each Sunday using the Adult Bible Studies Uniform Series.

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Education Ministry

Will support families of the church and our community with their efforts to give their children a chance to attend college, provide tutoring for students in need of extra academic support and support the inclusion of children in the church worship service.

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Historian Ministry

Focuses on organizing the historical data of Westphalia, its organizations, ministries and activities. This ministry is responsible for collecting artifacts, documents, photographs, digital recordings, and other items that record the functions and activities of the church ministries.

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Membership Ministry

The purpose of these procedures is to define the general policies and procedures associated with the Membership Ministry at Westphalia United Methodist Church (WUMC). If there are any questions or areas not addressed in this document or referenced policies, please contact the Chairperson.

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Spiritual Growth Development

A fun, energetic, loving and educational atmosphere that is taught through games, reading, crafts, praying and music to learn about the Bible and all that God has for us. Spiritual growth and development classes are held on Sundays for pre-k to high school. It is an educational experience where children are taught and can engage in activities to expand their understanding of God’s word and plan for their lives.

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Our Vision and Mission

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