Armor Bearer Ministry

The Senior Pastor occupies a very high-profile position that carries with it a level of recognition benefitting the position. The Armor Bearer Ministry is one that serves to support the Senior Pastor and the First Family of the Westphalia United Methodist Church as he travels to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. The Senior Pastor, First Lady, and the First Family are the primary responsibility of this ministry.

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Board of Trustees

Is responsible for the oversight, maintenance, and supervision of all local church property. This would include conducting an annual inspection and inventory of all church property, including the parsonage (if applicable). Will report annually to the Church/Charge conference on the state of the church’s property, equipment, investments, and resources. The BOT will receive and administer tangible personal property and adhere to guidelines for receiving tangible assets given to the church. The BOT is responsible for ensuring that the articles of incorporation are kept up-to-date and use of the church buildings and grounds.

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Communion Stewards

The mission of the communion stewards’ ministry is to prepare and serve sacrificial elements in the celebration of the Last Supper. The communion steward also assists the Pastor at baptisms.

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Drama Ministry

To minister to and serve by presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ using Christian art, mime, and drama in conjunction with local bodies of believers. To use the talents of our members to enrich the church’s outreach.

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Event Management Ministry

Is considered a means to provide opportunities for the congregation to witness and serve the community. These policies and procedures have been developed in order to ensure that the WUMC facilities are utilized in an effective manner.

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Flower Club

Is to beautify our sacred space to the glory of God for our worship services. Provides flowers on the alter for worship services, to seniors, people who are ill or need some encouragement, bereavement/funerals, new church members, or at the Senior Pastor’s request.

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Greeters Ministry

Is to provide a welcoming spirit and also direction and information to all congregants while in the church. Information and direction such as location of restrooms, participating classes, and other pertinent information congregants may be seeking.

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In The Spirit (ITS) Dance Ministry

ITS is called to incorporate the vision of the church into the scope of its mission which is “engaging disciples through ministry to serve and grow God’s kingdom”. By doing so, it seeks to interpret biblical scripture through movement to the Kingdom of God and to live a life of holiness unto The Lord. They are purposed and commissioned to heal the sick, deliver the inflicted and bring joy to all through liturgical dance. The mission of ITS is to also help individuals who feel a call to the “Ministry of Dance”, to investigate and define their calling by providing education and training in the use of dance as a “ministry” versus “dancing” and “performing”.

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Multimedia Ministry

The purpose of this SOP is to describe the policy and procedures for Westphalia United Methodist Church (WUMC) Multi-Media ministry both within the church congregation and outside the walls of the church. These procedures will assist in avoiding duplication of effort within the ministry and well as with other ministries. It will further provide a unified and cohesive presence shared with external audiences and other ministries and clear lines of accountability and authority established.

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Music Ministry

Music is an integral part of worship. The music department consists of a group of talented and gifted singers and musicians who are dedicated to the ministry of service in music excellence. It is the goal of the Music Department staff to present a balanced music program that is biblically based, spiritually uplifting to its choir members and congregation, and worshipful in its presentation to God. The Music Ministry is proud to have 5 choirs of all ages.

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Nehemiah Ministry

The Nehemiah Renovation ministry was formed to provide guidance and current information to the Westphalia Pastor, Board of Directors, and the church congregation on all matters concerning new construction and/or renovation to the existing church building. The ministry first accepts input from the Pastor, the congregation, and the church ministries. It then works with architects, building contractors and associated vendors to bring the project to completion.

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Technical Support Ministry

Effective Technical support personnel are Christian stewards entrusted with monitoring and maintaining Westphalia’s computer systems and network. Technical support is responsible for diagnosing any hardware or software faults with these systems and will solve the issues either in person or via telecommunications techniques.

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Welcome Ministry

Members of The Welcome Team are usually the first representative (with the exception of security) of the church to meet people as they arrive for worship. We are friendly and respectful to everyone who enter our doors by restoring the dignity that society manages to trample on each week.

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